What is Violet/Purple Chakra? Meaning of the 7th Chakra

The purple or violet chakra is the Crown chakra, and this chakra is located on the forehead – the Endocrine gland of the purple chakra is your pineal gland.

For this reason, the violet or purple chakra is also referred to as the crown chakra. If you’re not familiar with the seven chakras, read this article.

Purple Chakra meaning

This purple chakra is related to the brain, and it represents inspiration, charisma, and beauty.

The purple chakra meaning is linked to overall spiritual awareness and elevated self-consciousness.

Further, the following problems are associated with the purple chakra: Dizziness, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, senile dementia, and several mental disorders.

The above conditions are prevalent when there is unbalanced energy in the purple chakra. This could occur when the energy is insufficient as well as when it is overflowing.

You must aspire to connect to your spiritual self-bringing spirit of discernment, willpower, and wisdom. The purple or violet chakra cleanses your mind and head and renews your aspirations.

A balanced violet chakra leads to improves creativity and sharpening of one’s talents and skills.

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Positive Spiritual Effects of the Violet Chakra (meaning)

  • Idealism
  • Reverence for every living being.
  • Volunteering and sacrifice.
  • Clearer path to enlightenment and elevation of self.

Negative Spiritual Effects of the Violet Chakra (meaning)

  • Non-challant attitute towards others
  • Loss of touch with reality
  • Superiority complex

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